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The following articles have been drawn from a wide range of printed media, from newspaper letters pages to reviews of specific works in art magazines.

They have been included to help contextualise the work of the artists featured in Luxonline, and as a reminder that the debate engendered by British film and video art goes on in diverse and sometimes unexpected places.
The articles are arranged chronologically. You can choose another decade from the menu above.

Lis Rhodes' Ironing to Greenham
Village Voice film critic Jim Hoberman reviews two films by Vivienne Dick.
Press release for a womens' art exhibition organised by Annabel Nicolson at Norwich School of Art, June 1981
Sharron Lea reviews the womens' group show Concerning Ourselves for Spare Rib, 1981
Programme notes for a 1982 season of video screenings at the ICA, featuring a preview screening of Shepherd's Delight, then still in production
Annabel Nicolson on her experience of the women's anti-nuclear protests at Greenham Common. Published in Performance magazine, 1982
A text by Ian Bourn, published in Cross Currents, Royal College of Art, 1985
John Smith appears on the National Film Theatre's Artist as Film-Maker programme in 1984
Ian Bourn on Housewatch in Performance Magazine, October/ November 1985
Publicity material for the exhibtion Modern Art? It's a Joke at the Cleveland Gallery, Middlesborough 1986
Brian Hatton reviews a Housewatch presentation in Princelet Street, Spitalfields, for Artscribe International
Craig Wood visits Ron Haselden's installation Belvedere on Dartmoor for Artists Newsletter, August 1987
Richard Dorment reviews Ron Haselden's Electric Tree for the Daily Telegraph, 1987
Michael O'Pray provides a history of early British video art, including the work of David Hall. First published in Monthly Film Bulletin, January 1988
Catherine Lacey's notes on John Smith in the Catalogue for The Elusive Sign, a touring exhibition organised by the British Council and the Arts Council, 1988
Nik Houghton reviews John Smith's The Black Tower, screened on 16th January 1988 as part of the Stratford Film Festival, for Independent Media magazine
Michael O' Pray reviews Cate Elwes' With Child For the BFI's Monthly Film Bulletin, 1988
Michael O'Pray on Tina Keane's career and work for Performance Magazine, 1988
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