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Press Release: Concerning Ourselves
Press release for a womens' art exhibition organised by Annabel Nicolson at Norwich School of Art, June 1981

Press Release


22 June - 8 July 1981

Concerning Ourselves is an exhibition of the work of seven women artists, organised by Annabel Nicolson who has been at Norwich School of Art for one year, as the 1980-81 John Brinkley Fellow.

Annabel Nicolson has chosen to organise an exhibition of her work together with six other women artists: Bee Sanderson, Carolyn Sandys, Jane Warrick, Judith Higginbottom, Patricia Bardi and Valerie Michaels, all of whom are concerned with the numerous issues that arise from women's creativity.

The form of the exhibition is a celebration of the way in which women work together in the most natural way and help each other in their creative work, and that it is the ability to group together that is their strength.

In recent years the Women's Movement has drawn attention to the dis- satisfaction experienced by women in resolving their roles as girl- friend, wife and mother with the aspirations inspired by their education, intelligence and creativity.

The work in this exhibition, Concerning Ourselves, tends to deal with the underlying social values of our culture, particularly the way in which women think about themselves and define their view of reality. Some quotations from the artists help us to understand their sense of renewal:

"The point is, to (re)discover myself going through these changes; recognise myself, and connect myself with others."

"My Mother says that she loved walking at night ... it was as if she was invisible."

"Gradually, they came to realise that what they were doing was to invent themselves. 'No place', they yelled, 'No place for us", and slowly, painstakingly they began again."

The gentle strength of these quotations shows clearly the need felt by women to overcome their isolation. Another artist explains her childhood experiences, free from the dogma and theory of the adult world: "One of my wishes was to have a sister. 1 used to think if I had a sister I'd have someone to do the things 1 wanted to do with. I often tried to explain to myself why I needed a sister, why I couldn 't do those things with my brothers. I didn't have an explanation. I was looking for an ally. I wanted someone for whom things were the same as they were for me. It was the need for someone who knew."

There will be three occasions during the exhibition when the public is invited to come and talk to the artists:

Identifying Each Other : Friday 26 June at 2pm
Friday 3 July at 2pm
Wednesday 8 July at 6pm.

This exhibition has been organised with financial assistance from the Eastern Arts Association.

Norwich School of Art press release
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press release for Concerning Ourselves
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