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Modern Art? It's a Joke
Publicity material for the exhibtion Modern Art? It's a Joke at the Cleveland Gallery, Middlesborough 1986

Three colour videotapes in which the artist explores the conventions of television studio production by focussing on three aspects of the medium; the television play, the television news and the television epilogue.

The News features a television newsreader who recounts the minutiae of small-time life with due solemnity, but reveals a disturbing element of anarchic behaviour amongst the town's old-age pensioners. "A hilarious parody of television news bulletins". Arnolfini Review

In the Home "Hilarious video about the traumas of a wedding night, with scenery construction and acting style straight out of Crossroads." ICA Bulletin

The Sermon offers advice to the faithful and a grim warning to the devils in our midst. "A pulsating diatribe of insane disgust ... appalling in its manic intensity." Sunday Times

Film and Video Artists on tour 85/86, Arts Council of Great Britain

1. The News 1980 video 11 mins 2. In the Home 1980 video lO mins 3. The Sermon 1983 video 15 mins.

Exhibition brochure, Cleveland Gallery, 16 aug- 27 sept
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Image of Cleveland Gallery brochure
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