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Andrew Kötting
'A certain process suggested itself to his mind, a work partly mental and physical, and after two or three experiments he found to his astonishment and delight that it was successful.' Arthur Machen, from The Hill of Dreams

More than almost any other of his works, Kötting's Mapping Perception project perhaps best illustrates the personal, collaborative and formally exploratory aspects of his approach to experience and its shaping into art. Four years in the making, and incarnating as a gallery installation, experimental documentary, book and cd-rom, Mapping Perception is an ambitious research initiative, family essay and poetic treatise on consciousness, made in collaboration with curator Giles Lane, neuro-physiologist Mark Lythgoe and Kötting's daughter Eden, born in 1988 with Joubert's Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder leading to impaired brain function. Here she is both celebrated and investigated in an ambitious enquiry into notions of dis/ability, the diverse qualities of different communicative languages and the nature and limits of perception and sensual awareness. Science meets Art and a substantial dialogue ensues, exploring in great depth the issues raised for both disciplines by open-minded and creative exchange.

The book and accompanying cd-rom embody this shared journey, offering a series of essays, image sequences and fragments covering all aspects of the aesthetic and scientific territories in question. A mock-up of Rembrandt's famous Anatomy Lesson provides the gateway into writing and diaries by Kötting, Lythgoe and Professor Richard Gregory, while the cd-rom almost mirrors the brain's own constitution, with its lucid links and routings through numerous contextualising platforms. An exemplary undertaking of great precision and reach, it is finally most remarkable for the generosity and love it proffers, to partnership, imagination and most importantly, a daughter.

Still from Mapping Perception by Andrew Kötting, 2002
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