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Ann Course
In psychology the 'primal scene' serves not as a romantic picture, but as a moment of raw, sudden existential awareness, a revealing look at its own origin.

With Ann Course we do not discover either the easy cult of innocence regained or a primitive purity, the qualities the modernists all too often ascribe to 'art brut' and so-called primitive cultures. Her work is, on the contrary, about a distinct loss of innocence, an invitation to direct confrontation with our darkest motives. Her drawings function like signposts to propel us into the maze of our own repressed consciousness. Course's simple drawings, primitive technique and primary subject matter effectively remind us never to lose sight of our roots, the origins of our fears and desires and the bare structures of our daily existence. She describes her very first film, 'Ann(I)Mated (1993) thus : 'The opening image depicts mother and child with mother's bulbous, undulating vagina protruding from beneath her dress. Baby's pram runs away but sadly returns to where it came from.' The work of Ann Course directs our attention back to l'origine du monde both in an art historical, as in a psychological sense.

Edwin Carels
Edwin Carels is a filmprogrammer for the International Filmfestival of Rotterdam and works as a freelance curator of film-related art shows. He is also a writer and teaches film at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - St. Lucas Brussels.
Still from ann(i)Mated by Ann Course, 1993
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