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Assemblage for Eye Drift

Anna Thew
20 mins b/w & colour umatic video

Assemblage for Eye Drift

An assemblage of extracts from Super 8 diaries and Hi-8 conversations on umatic video, the walls of Rome, and the marks which influenced my early collage. A film about seeing.

Travelling from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, from Budapest to New York, from Rome to Berlin to Vitebsk... a mosaic of landscape and cityscape images from a store of Super 8 diaries are re-edited on video. These fragile celluloid moments are set alongside recent portraits of friends living life close to the edge. In the first of a series of 'Hi-8 trial conversations', they speak out about life, death, HIV, art, and blindness.

"Sex, sex, I don't get enough of it… I'm past my best."

Steve makes light of his situation and talks about dying. "Does that word distress you?" "Yes, well". A conversation two years after I knew Martin was ill. Autumn leaves 1982. Philosophies in front of my collage paintings. A young, beautiful Martin waves shyly into my camera, colour. Over Roman Fragments, carabinieri on horseback through the trees, oranges against burnt ochre stucco, long shadows of Trastevere. Steve Moore and I talk about Martin's diagnosis (1996). Lilies in Isaac's N.Y. loft. A shattered windowpane…

Margo no longer sees more than a sense of light and dark, yet vividly describes her intensified memory of "every kind of green".

Steve Moore on Art, Life and Death, and Margo Cargill on losing her sight.

Original material filmed on Super 8, 16mm and Hi-8. Various edits on umatic, 1996/1998. First screened at Pandaemonium Festival, Lux, 1998.

For Broken Pieces for the Hospital, Assemblage and Terra Vermin, see Terra Vermin.

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