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Autumn Rush for Kurt Kren and Winter and Spring and Summer

Anna Thew
6/12 mins colour 16 mm
four screen installation

Autumn Rush for Kurt Kren and Winter and Spring and Summer

a single frame observation of trees filmed in stop frame motion with image time translated into musical/optical counterpoint.

4 separate reels are shown looped as a four screen installation in a gallery... or consecutively, as a single or double screen film.

Shot on a clockwork Bolex in London and Derbyshire over a cycle of 12 months, using a 25mm and 75mm macro lens. Each reel consists of more than 3,500 images (1 per film frame); mathematically planned sections, improvised rhythms, and variations in colour, density, tree species and form, with sections on Fibonacci and 2/3, 3/4 cross rhythms punctuated with black and light strobe frames. A subtle assemblage of quadrophonic natural sound re-plays 'discovered' image patterns. Part scored, part random and rough edged echoing the Japanese musical phenomenon "wind in the trees" ... it is an eye rhythm piece with image time and colour translated into musical/optical counterpoint.

Viewed singly, the reels strobe in a fluttering (dis)play of rhythm with autumn tones, twisted winter branches, trees soft with blossom, dense green summer foliage and the odd insect... However, viewed side by side, the strobing phenomenon does not exist. Instead there is a perpetual alternation of flickering image.

Autumn Rush is dedicated to Kurt Kren who died in 1996 and his film, Baüme im Herbst (Trees in Autumn), Winter to my Father who died in January 1999 and whose musicality is reflected in the film, Spring to Rose Lowder whose work I love, Summer to my Mother who planted more trees than I can remember.

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