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Berlin Meine Augen

Anna Thew
23 mins Super 8
double screen

Berlin Meine Augen

A twin screen film about being lost in another language, neon, war thoughts and a collision with a young man.

The first five minutes there is no image, just darkness on the screen, as a rapid reading from Gertrude Stein's Wars I Have Seen is heard on the sound track, "The enemy were there, they were in the kitchen..."

Conceived ice clear before I ever got there, two whole months before. I'd shoot this film Berlin meine Augen in February. In the ten days I was there I would shoot it, by which time the snow had gone. This actually I didn't want. A suitcase features prominently, but only in parts providing some strands of what there should have been there, perhaps a series of travelling separations. What there was there I could see not so much by night, which there was plenty of, but by day. The images I have like so many pieces, like words placed together, somehow other in another situation, if it'd been what I thought it would be before, which it is not.

The title is self explanatory (meine Augen = my eyes), A.T.

"Films that particularly stick out in my mind, Derek Jarman's In the Shadow of the Sun, Hollis Frampton's Nostalgia... Berlin meine Augen - Anna Thew uses film and sound creatively to make this piece about Berlin. The introduction is riveting. There is no image up on the screen just darkness whilst a rapid monologue describes war and 'enemies'. Two screens are then used with images printed through the optical printer to create a fragment (as in a memory) of a sojourn in Berlin. The film-maker and her suitcase, a meeting with a young man, with classical music and fragments of German spoken for a sound track. The introduction to the film and some of the images were striking, making me want to see the film again." Anne Parisio, Co-op Films '82, Oxford Film-makers' Newsletter.

first screened at Co-op Films '82, 2nd Distribution Preview Show, 1982.

filmed by Anna Thew on George Stamkowski's Super 8 Bolex;
Padeluun and Anna Thew (the crash landing), filmed by David Trayner.

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