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Anna Thew
8 mins colour Super 8
triple screen


A man's scarred chest flanked by graffiti of the Berlin Wall.

The centre screen 'MM', consists of a succession of almost still, repeat shots of a youth's back, half lit naked chest and body. As he moves slowly round to face the camera faint shadows of two scars show beneath his left breast. Flanking this central image to the left and right, 'KU', 'ER', by contrast, hold a dizzying run of more than six thousand single frames of graffiti, scrawls, slogans, swirls of acid colour; desperate paint spattered utterances over the concrete wall, in an alternation of rhythm, zoom, texture, hand held camera and agitated physical movement. Accompanied by Turkish music of Necla Akben, bought nearby in a Turkish only shop in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

KUMMER = trouble, sorrow

Originated on Super 8, 1986, and slowed to 12 fps on the optical printer. 1998/9

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