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Pressed Dance Dream

Anna Thew
18 Minutes
performance and film

Pressed Dance Dream

the art of singing and not ironing

a Synoptic Realist performance with Super 8 film and polythene screens at the Air Gallery.

Mum steam ironing outside in Garden Film, and a b/w Super 8 of Sheffield steel works are projected onto Granny's hand crocheted table cloth which I am not ironing. I am doing nothing. I stand, iron in hand, in a black evening dress and high heeled shoes behind a big black ironing board, and sing a syncopated, "I've got you under my skin", to myself playing the piano part from a ghetto blaster on the floor in front. The film is projected through and reflects back off two transparent plastic sheets on which are graffiti'd, the right way round and in reverse, just to make sure, "I hate ironing".

The unruly audience falls silent, and sits on the floor and listens.

From a series of synoptic realist events organised by David Medalla at the Air Gallery, Rosebery Avenue, and Wapping Studios, Metropolitan Wharf 1983.

b/w photo anon, sent by someone in the audience

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