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Rome Movie

Anna Thew
23 mins colour super 8

Rome Movie

a return to Via Palestro, where I used to live.

This is predominantly a landscape/cityscape film, much of which is consciously edited in camera. It traces a return journey. It is a sophisticated home movie. No it is not. I wouldn't say that.

Tracing the source of teenage conversion from word to image, I went to Via Venti Settembre close by where I used to live. We went in search of fountains splashing in the Rome sun light. We recorded the din of traffic, the Colosseum, crickets' calls, church bells, reflections of Vespas in shop windows, inscriptions on stones in the Forum and Bernini's Daphne changing into a tree. Holding the microphone as far as we could from the source of the image, we filmed the symphony/orchestra of blue and orange umbrellas on Anzio beach to the vacant echo of children's cries. And the days flickered past.

Rome Movie double screen:
A separate single frame animation film is superimposed over the lower corner of the main image. My daughter and I in Dolce Vita dresses by the fountains of Piazza Navona, interspersed with dates, text, in smudged and crumbling white type-writer corrector, on matte black photographic paper.

"My kind of film" Atilio Lopez.

Leicester Super 8 Festival 1986.

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