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Shadow Film

Anna Thew
5 mins b/w Super 8, colour 16 mm

Shadow Film

When I got my first Super 8 camera with the money from the Cleveland Drawing, I took it to bed with me and slept with it on my pillow.

This reel was filmed unconsciously, at around 6.30 a.m. in the early morning light when I was half asleep; my feet, my knees, stair treads, shafts of light, a painting, diagonals, shadows, slats of blinds, shutters, vine leaves brushing past the lens outside the kitchen window. I don't remember filming any of it. It came back like an awakening. It ends with a Japanese parasol I had as a light shade till it burned, twizzling, given to me by Nelly, and cut in later.

Accompanied by an old Polish cabaret song, "Love is like a cigarette, it burns out quickly", which seemed to go with the grain of the Super 8, and my life at the time.

Blown up from Super 8 to 16mm b/w negative in 1985. Stretch printed to 12 fps and 3fps, and re-mastered from positive to negative, on colour 7272 internegative, 1999.

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