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Sicilia Cantar - Journey to Siracusa

Anna Thew
20 mins colour Super 8/16 mm

Sicilia Cantar - Journey to Siracusa

If a camera could smell, it would smell the perfume of Alfredo's basil, as the leaves and flowers swish past the Super 8 macro lens.

Leaving Anzio, and taking the overnight train from Roma Termini via Napoli Centrale across the straits of Messina to Siracusa, a journey accompanying a friend's daughter and teenage cousins, Celestino and Pepino on their way back to Sicily. With T.V. sounds, rail sounds and close-ups of card games, sultry adolescence and unfettered intimacy mix with the distance of grief. "Non credi in Dio, Anna ?", "Don't you believe, in God, Anna?" Accompanied by diary entries from fifteen years ago and fragments of text from Sicilian writers. From Catania we take an old train to Siracusa. Heavy brocade curtains keep out the sun. A reading from Pasolini's, Cinema of Poetry, with segments as though being translated.

Originated on Super 8, 1985, re-mastered to 16mm 7272 internegative, 1999.

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