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Split City Rushes

Anna Thew

double screen

Split City Rushes

"By the time I'd got there, the snow had gone. This actually I didn't want..." so I made some, not on the film but in front of it.

Pickpocket reminiscence of rooms and pavements, remnants of fishnet, Wagner and adolescent funk. On and off screen, a suitcase promises story and adventure but comes up with postcards. With Dietrich impersonated and Eisler recalled, it's not so much nightlife, but the absence of it.

Live Songs: Hanns Eisler's 'Vorwärts und Nie Vergessen' from Kuhle Wampe, Dietrich's, 'Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss'. Music from Wagner's Rienzi Overture.

"At the start of the image (moving hand held camera - winter branches) Anna in leopard skin tights and blue fluffy boots, clutching a tattered crocodile suitcase, floats into the film light on a rope through a secret trap door in the cinema ceiling. She seems to be flying into Berlin. The same suitcase and clothes appear in the film. Paper snow flakes falling past the image signal Anna's re-emergence in front of the two screens. Miles Davis from a tape recorder, a letter read in German and cabaret songs make for a camp performance to the delight of the audience who were only expecting to see a film".

Cabaret with twin screen super 8 rushes and performance at Cafe des Alliés, a live event organised by Hermine with David Medalla, Keith Allen, Paul Burwell, Anne Beane, Ian Hinchcliffe, Richard Strange etc. at Centre Charles Peguy, Leicester Square, 1982, and expanded for Women Live at the London Musicians' Collective 1983, and Travel Art, Vienna, at the LFMC, 1987.

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