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Super 8 Film Clips

Anna Thew
15 mins b/w colour umatic video

Super 8 Film Clips

"Before I ever started using 16mm film, I used Super 8. I would either make a whole film, particularly the multi-screen films like Mourning Garden Blackbird, Sailor Trailer or Kummer which had 2 or 3 screens, or I would use Super 8 for recording images and visual thoughts, like a diary. There are well over 10 hours of this diary footage. Mostly the Super 8 films are very concentrated and spontaneously edited in the camera. I often use Super 8 as a sketchbook for my 16mm films, like Roman Fragments or recently Dresden Rushes. Super 8 cameras are light and easy to hand hold. They have macro lenses for extreme close-up, automatic light metering and a single frame animation device. Super 8 has had a great influence on the free way in which I film and cut 16mm film. "A.T.

Text for EGER programme, Hungary 1996, curated by Takács Emese.

This video consists of a succession of Super 8, 1 minute edited clips from single and multi-screen films (1986-1996): Stev's Scar, Città Spellata, Roman Fragments, Tivoli Films (original 2 screens), Kummer - Wall film (original 3 screens), Ramblas Idiomas, Agrigento 1 & 11 (original 2 screens), Train to Berlin, Stevie's Tattoos in Spring, Budapest - Western Station, NY Skyline, Rotterdam '87, Norfolk Beach '88, Minsk Girl etc.

Also shown at the Metro midnight screening 1996, and Hydra, curated by Nigel Linley. Different clips were combined in 3 different programmes.

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