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Annabel Nicolson
8mins Colour 16mm


Film created in contact printer with material which had gone through a process of deterioration in a projection event.

'The original image was from something I'd shot myself, std 8mm material that I'd shot in a village in Italy. The material had gone through a process of deterioration. I'd used it in performing and taken it through a slide projector, I had an old Russian slide projector, very cheap, that didn't have a fan, so it was completely silent, which was why I liked it. I took the lens out of this projector so it created a gap where I could pull the film strip through and because the lens was out of the projector it meant the image could be focused on different surfaces. Instead of the image falling onto a screen as normally it would do I could direct it around the room with the lens in my hand. It made the focusing quite critical. The image could go in and out of focus quite easily.'

'I was using this material, trying to focus on individual images, rather than having a sequence and duration. I suppose I was treating it like a series of still images, because it was going through a slide projector, not a movie projector. In the process of this it got very torn and scratched and it was that material I eventually put in the contact printer and made into a 16mm film Frames.'

AN. from interview with Felicity Sparrow 2003

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