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Long Film for Four Projectors

Anthony McCall
5 hrs 30 mins B & W Silent 16 mm
Continuous Installation

Long Film for Four Projectors

A continuous installation in which the film is no longer an object but rather an entire three-dimensional field, extended in time. The visitor is surrounded both spatially and durationally.

'Most films, including the 'Cone' series, prescribe an exact viewing duration which is generally equal to the length of the work.

It is this conventional form, shared with other social and poliical structure that creates the group, 'audience', a passive congregation with a single focus and homogenous behaviour patterns.

I assumed whilst developing Long Film that the individual's focus of attention, concentration, and exploratory behaviour, were likely to be most acute when his or her relationship to the work was singular and direct. I was interested therefore, in isolating the spectator from the group, or rather, creating a structure in which the group would not form in the first place.'
A.M. Catalogue for Expanded Cinema Festival, 1976

Installation. One cycle duration: 5 hours 30 minutes, in eight parts.

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