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Chris Welsby film/videography

River Yar1971-72Made with William Raban
Park Film 1972
Wind Vane1972
Winter and Summer 1972-73
Fforest Bay 1973
Running Film 1973
Windmill II 1973
Colour Separation1974
Windmill III 1974
Seven Days 1974
Anemometer 1974
Tree 1974
Stream Line1976
Shore Line I1977Six screen installation
Cloud Fragments1978
Shore Line II19796 Screen Installation
Sea Shore1979
Sky Light1986Six Screen Film Installation/ Expanded Cinema
Sky Light (Single Screen)1988
Sea Pictures1992
Lost Lake1996A sixteen monitor video wall installation
Tide Line 2000A Multi-Channel DVD Installation
At Sea 2003A Four Channel Video Installation
Waterfall2004A Single Channel Video Installation
Changing Light 2004A Single Channel Interactive Video Installation
Tree Studies20063 projector installation
Trees in Winter2006Weather Driven video installation

Stills from Seven Days, 1974

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