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Tree Studies

Chris Welsby
colour sound video
3 projector installation

Tree Studies

This acts as a wind powered edit suite where all of the edit decisions as well as the sound mix will be made by nature. The installation will be powered by the energies which are generated by the rotation of the earth about its axis. The heating and cooling effect of day and night drives the weather systems, which are the life force of all living systems on the planet. In both the Eastern and in Western cosmologies of the ancient world the wind was regarded as Heaven's Breath. In our own times this ancient wisdom has found new expression in systems and emergence theory, where the idea of the earth as a living organism suggests a model for global collaboration and world peace.

The 'shape' of the work, at any particular moment in time, will be governed by the weather systems, which are constantly circling the planet. Just like the trees in the landscape, the representation will change its form and appearance in response to input from the weather. The flickering ephemeral nature of the projected image will combine with the changing winter light to create an uneasy equilibrium between the power and presence of the tree, the transitory nature of the light and the clouds, and human presence in the landscape. The over all feeling of the work will reflect the vulnerability and transitory nature of all living systems.

First exhibited at Gwnagju Biennale, South Korea, Korea.

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