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Cordelia Swann
15 min Colour DVCam/Betacam


"Looking back at 2003, a year when Britain went to war, we see scenes filmed in central London of public processions, ceremonies and demonstrations. Unexpected spectrums of pageantry, mood and allegiance are revealed alongside the all too familiar as the camera scrutinises faces, banners and events. And in among scenes of celebration, sadness or discontent there are also more than one or two comic moments." - C.S.

"On the surface, 'Freedonia' - named after the imaginary state in the Marx Brothers' film 'Duck Soup' is a collection of footage of different political protests, marches and street events in London. Each proceeded by a title indicating the date of the occasion; the sequences declare their derivation from the real and the contemporary but also do a lot more. The individuality of each scene, (which can range from a shot of the Queen looking sad to a fainting guardsman being carried away on a stretcher to Tony Blair, grim, at the cenotaph), highlights by its specificity within an anthology of similar events, triggers the viewer to concentrate on details and differences, on the individual within the mass, on idiosyncrasies, nuances, incidents and specific messages within the whole... The use of both short and longer sequences give the film an added texture and punctuation, whilst the apparent simplicity of the film hides the patience and effort filming such situations demands. Such persistence, echoing that of the protestors and revellers it depicts, adds to the poignancy of 'Freedonia' as a very human tribute to protest and imagination despite the odds." - Sotiris Kyriacou

Camera Cordelia Swann
Edit Marek Budzynski
Producer Cordelia Swann/Marek Budzynski

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