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The Olympus Ball

Cordelia Swann
2 min Black & White<br> VHS/Betacam

The Olympus Ball

Dissolving between slow motion and real time Bette Davis and Henry Fonda endlessly waltz to an extended orchestral soundtrack in 'The Olympus Ball' as Miss Julie is viciously punished for wearing a red dress in the B&W film 'Jezebel'.

"...Swann explored the landscape of Hollywood cinema, indulging her, and by extension our, relish in key moments from certain landmark films. Her Video Shrines consisted of small monitors on plinths arranged in the gallery space. Each screen isolated short snippets of classic films re-edited to accentuate specific moods or instances of visual opulence, emphasising seduction beyond the narrative." Sotiris Kyriacou, Filmwaves, February 2001.

Producer Marek Budzynski

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