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Cumulative Script

David Lamelas
15min Colour Sound 16 mm

Cumulative Script

As indicated in the title, David Lamelas's film shows the cumulative fragments of a plot, in which the narrative development of information is analysed and based on accumulation, sequential modification and exclusion.

There are no key moment that provide clues to the action; that is, these moments are a variable and dictated by the viewers' perceptions.

In the first sequence the stationary camera films a busy street, picks up a young man head-on and begins to follow him. Part of this take is repeated. The second sequence shows another man walking down another street. Part of this sequence is also repeated. And in the third take, showing the two men in conversation, half of the sequence is repeated as well. The fourth take, abruptly showing the two men fighting, is also repeated. The fifth take is a repeat of the third. The sixth and seventh takes are shot on the locations of the first two scenes; both men return to their starting point. One section of each of the two sequences is repeated.

This procedure is echoed in photographs taken during the shooting; mounted on cardboard in several series, they are like a photographic screenplay and acquire a dramatic dynamics of their own through repetition, accumulation, selection and combinatorial variation.

David Lamelas - A New Refutation of Time, Kunstverein Munchen, Witte de With Rotterdam, 1997.

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