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'Interview' with Marguerite Duras

David Lamelas
6.5 mins B & W Sound 16 mm

'Interview' with Marguerite Duras

For a solo exhibition at the Galerie Yvon Lambert in Paris, David Lamelas again creates a work whose point of departure is the site itself.

The work is based on a conversation with the French novelist, screenplay wirter and director Marguerite Duras. She is filmed in the private atmosphere of her country home, conversing with Paris-based Argentinean wirter Raul Escari, who is heard off screen. The interview, filmed in a conventional, documentary style, is combined in the exhibition wiht ten photographs and ten panels of text. The continuity of film is juxtaposed with the discontinuity of the photographs. The latter were shot while the film was being made, so that we hear the soft click of the camera on the sound track, marking the moment Duras says the sentence that has been taken out of context and printed on the adjacent panel. Lamelas extends the 'site' as point of departure not by referring to its architectural or social context but by showing Marguerite Duras to represent a specific form of cultural practice.

'I originally wanted to do three interviews on what was happening within the cultural, economical and political situation in Paris. The three elements I thought were synonymous with Paris were politics - after May 68, I wanted to interview a socialist politician; fashion - thus the second interview was to have been a fashion designer; and finally, French intellectualism - Marguerite Duras. I finally concentrated my interest to one interview, with Marguerite Duras, because I was particularly interested in her as a writer and screenwriter.' DL

David Lamelas - A New Refutation of Time, Kunstverein Munchen, Witte de With Rotterdam, 1997.

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