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The Light at the Edge of a Nightmare

David Lamelas
60min Colour Sound DV

The Light at the Edge of a Nightmare

The Light at the Edge of a Nightmare is part of an ongoing series of short films, six have been composed so far in which the same actions take place in different geographic locations.

The selected film locations - Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Brussels, and Paris - correspond with Lamelas' biography; he has lived in all six cities. In each case, the subject of the film is a love affair between a man and woman that concludes with a murder scene, in which the man dies. For the Edge III presented in conjunction with the film programme of the 3rd Berlin Biennale, the film location is Berlin. The original music composed for the film, constant shifts of time, and stylised camera work, transport the viewer to the author's perspective. Lamelas stages the film in a cinematic architecture whose effects allow for comparisons with spatial installations.

David Lamelas - A New Refutation of Time, Kunstverein Munchen, Witte de With Rotterdam, 1997.

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