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Erika Tan film/videography

Travels with Pup1992-3photomontage series
Passing19953 channel video and 6 track sound installation
Guarded Proximity1997audience dependent sound and slide projection
Chintz1997/2001audience interactive sound installation
Sites of Construction19983 channel video installation with slide projection
Boat Race1998/2000audience participatory event
Fraudulent Secret Understanding [collusion]1999miniature sound and light environment
East2000installation using sound, video, lighting and scent
Saving Face2001web intervention with custom made screensaver animations
Utopic Blurr2002series of digital lambda lightbox works with associated screensavers
PIDGIN: Interrupted Transmission2002multimedia installation
Refresh: Circumstance / Choice / Chance2002web project with downloadable screensavers
Random acts of...2002ephemeral works and performative acts on Hanbury Street, London
Vent and Mimesis2003single channel video work
Fabricated2003intervention into The Royal Pavilion, Brighton
In-Situ2003permanent installation in The Forest of Dean
The International Collection of Cultural Cross-Dressing2003ongoing collection of donated photographs
Digiwall2003series of digital lambda lightbox works
Faint20042 channel installation with 5.1 surround sound
Beacon - Documentation2004audience participatory and collaborative event on Margate's sea front
Ideas for a better place2004participatory project and small publication
Cast2004/53 channel video work
Persistent Visions20053 channel video installation using archival footage
Waterloo Sunset2005participatory radio project with BBC Radio London, Robert Elms
Becoming2006site responsive 6 channel video and sound installation
Block 73c20062 channel animated video feed for a 'fake' camera obscura
Shot Through2008single channel DVD
Journeys Of Remembrance2008single channel video work

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