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Untitled Resistance

Grace Ndiritu

Untitled Resistance

This piece uses the image of the unknown protestor to show an iconic representation of grassroots resistance.

The negative subliminal forces and ideals of the corporate endorsed society that we live in are omnipresent in our busy nine to five lives. Post 7/7 we are even more vulnerable to the laws that contravene human liberties and the "culture of fear" that the government and media are propagating and cashing in on.

So what does it mean to be a free thinker in today's "anti-terrorist-high alert-ID carrying-G8 inclusive-corporate sponsored" society? Which images of rebellion are most meaningful? And which eventually become iconic? How does fashion and advertising appropriate these images for their own pseudo-edgy-but-all-too-safe form of creativity? Is there any room for real protest and what is today's language of resistance within contemporary art?

There are no easy answers to these questions.

Commissioned by Glynn Vivian Gallery, Wales.
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