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Guy Sherwin
1975 (2006)
10 mins colour Silent Super 8
performance for 2 projectors, one fixed, one hand-held


Film performance for artist/performer using one static and one hand-held projector. In this film performance a hand-held projector and a stationary projector reproduce the movements of the two cameras used in making the film.

The film was made in a clearing in a wood. The film-maker holds one camera and moves in a circular path around the stationary camera, while recording different framings of the same view.

The two cameras occasionally pass in front of each other. In time we see the gradual approach of a figure towards the two cameras and her subsequent involvement in the act of filming.

In the subsequent performance of the work, the two films are projected together onto a white wall. The performer holds one projector and moves in a circular path around the stationary projector, echoing the original camera movements. At different times, shadows of projector and projectionist are thrown onto the screen.

First performed in public at Candid Arts Trust London 2006

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