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Guy Sherwin
5 mins B&W Sound 16mm
also NEWSPRINT #2, live performance for 2 projectors & loudspeakers, 1972/2003


A newspaper glued onto clear film is projected as audio-visual typography. A film made without a camera.

For NEWSPRINT I glued a newspaper onto clear 16mm film then punched out the sprocket holes to enable the film to run through the projector. Using a strong light I printed 'newspaper-film' to copy it onto another strip of film. This shows up the letters and words clearly, which can also be heard as they pass over the sound-head in the projector.

NEWSPRINT 2 is a live projection event for two 16mm projectors and two loudspeakers.

In performing the work two identical prints are shown superimposed onto the same screen. I attempt to bring the two films into synchronisation with each other by alternately freeezing and running the films on their way through the projectors. During these brief periods of synchronisation something unexpected happens as a result of the slight mis-registration of the two identical images and of their accompanying sounds.

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