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Tree Reflection

Guy Sherwin
2003 (1998)
3 minute endless loop b/w Silent 16 mm
Installation for one or more projectors and loopers

Tree Reflection

A 16mm 3-minute film from the ongoing series Short Film Series/Animal Studies adapted for gallery exhibition. First exhibited at Plymouth Arts Centre 2003.

'In Tree Reflection a single three-minute shot of a tree-lined river is subjected to a simple procedure at the printing stage whereby the trees and their reflection in the river swap places. This is achieved by printing the film the right way up, then printing it again onto the same roll of print-stock, upside down. This means that the upside-down superimposition also runs backwards. A consequence of this is that the film has a double palindrome or 'mirror fugue' structure. The resulting work asks us to reflect on how much an object can change before it becomes a different thing: at what point on a sliding scale does the change-over occur? Where, in other words are the grey areas in out taxonomy of the world, and what do those areas tell us about that taxonomy's limitations?'
Nicky Hamlyn, Film Art Phenomena, BFI 2003.

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