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Hilary Lloyd
After Say Directly What You Want (1993) Lloyd created a series of films that continue her focus on movement and a peculiar kind of anti-portraiture.

The Broad Walk and Puma, both 1994, are videos taken whilst working with roller skaters in Hyde Park. The Broad Walk is a montage of shorter videos, showing a series of skaters going through their routines, confined to the small window of space marked out by Lloyd's still camera. Puma is one of only a few videos to feature the artist, and sheds light on her relationship to her subjects. The film shows Lloyd in a public toilet cubicle, using the toilet and then re-lacing her Puma trainers so as to imitate the lacing of the skaters she was working with. An oblique act of homage, or assimilation, this is the nearest the viewer gets to entering into the negotiations and relationships that Lloyd builds up with her filmic subjects. Lloyd approaches people in clubs or at work, asking them if they would like to be filmed. When asked what she is interested in depicting, she points to a focus on people doing a job, or doing something well; whether this is clubbing, washing cars or building a house of cards. Even the film Nuala and Rodney (1994), which at first seems to be a scene of leisure, is framed by Lloyd as being a scene of work. Nuala is filmed having her hair cut by Rodney; her serious expression indicating the fact that as a model, having her hair cut is equally a part of her work as is Rodney's act of cutting it. This interest in people at work is developed in Lloyd's triptych from 1995-7, 3 DJ Sculptures. Each part of the installation is a double video, presented on monitors back to back. Three DJs are shown - Ewan, Sal and Dominic - although only Ewan is shown playing a set in a club. The portraits of these three are developed around the act of DJ-ing, featuring Ewan practising his set at home (which is tunes/tracks played alongside the film of him in the club); Dominic travelling in a taxi to and from his set at Heaven; and Sal listening to records in a shop, intent on choosing just the right tunes. A related work features the DJ Princess Julia (Princess Julia, Slide Projection (1997), presented in a series of 80 slides through one evening at a club, from home to meeting friends to playing her set. A number of the slides were published alongside an interview with Princess Julia by the artist in 1997, with the opening sentence "I'm always looking for things that are going forward rather than standing still" seeming to fit Lloyd's approach to her films as well as the restless energy of her DJ subject.

DJ Sal, video still, 1997
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