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Ian Breakwell
32mins Colour Video
A multiphonic video-projection made with composer Ron Geesin


In Auditorium, the stage, and what takes place on it, is entirely in the imagination of the live audience, reacting to the reactions of an on-screen audience.

Auditorium portrays an on-screen performing audience enacting every facial, bodily and aural expression while assembling and waiting in Part 1 and then apparently watching an unseen stage performance in Part 2.

In Part 1, the waiting audience performs coughsembles, yawn choruses and fansembles, counterpointed by gum-chewing, sweet-sucking, plastic mac and necklace solos, accompanied by walking stick, knuckle-cracking and false teeth percussion.

Part 2, the call and response of the audience to the unseen stage performance gradually overlaps as the acts become progressively more unnerving until laughter, gasps, sighs, shrieks and exclamations become inextricably interwoven with the onstage directional sound effects and pit orchestra cueing. Tension builds to a startling finale.

The above film by Breakwell and Geesin became the basis for a video installation which was presented at the ICA, London and the National Review of live Art, Glasgow 1994, at Video Positive, Liverpool and Munich Spielfest in 1995, and in many venues in the UK and Ireland from 1995-2001.

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