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Paradise Omeros

Isaac Julien
20 mins B/W and colour 16mm to DVD
Single or triple-screen projection

Paradise Omeros

Paradise Omeros delves into the fantasies and feelings of "creoleness" - the mixed language, the hybrid mental states and the territorial transpositions that arise when one lives in multiple cultures.

Using the recurrent imagery of the sea, the film sweeps the viewer into a poetic meditation on the ebb and flow of self and stranger, love and hate, war and peace, xenophobe and xenophile.

Paradise Omeros is set in London in the 60s and on the Caribbean island of St Lucia today and is loosely based on some of Derek Walcott's poems from Omeros. The Nobel prize winning poet Derek Walcott and the musician and composer Paul Gladstone Reid collaborated with Julien on the text and the score for the film. Paradise Omeros is co-scripted by Isaac Julien and Grischa Duncker.

Refer to Victoria Miro Gallery.

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