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Isaac Julien
10mins B/W 16mm to DVD
Double screen installation


Dualistic feelings of erotic pleasure and loss in Trussed (a pun on trust) are enhanced by its projection on 2 screens showing identical, but flipped, images that are set in a corner at right angles.

'A series of tableaux vivants (which resemble ''a Robert Mapplethorpe in motion,'' according to Julien) includes images of tenderness between a black and white male couple and the black lover in a wheelchair. With sweeping, circular camera movements and the doubling of the image, Trussed is a vision of eroticism and illness and the complexities that AIDS has wrought upon gay love and desire. Trussed includes one of the white men in The Attendant as a major character, and the piece is essentially his fantasy. As in The Attendant, there is no dialogue in Trussed. The haunting soundtrack adds to the elegiac feel of the piece, although Julien balances images of illness with lyrical suggestions of interracial sex in an effort to counter the mass media's equating of gay sex with death, in favor of celebrating gay sexuality. Some of the scenes in Trussed, such as that of the leather-clad man holding his dying lover, originated in works of art, in this case the Pieta.' - Amada Cruz in 'Introduction', The Film Art of Isaac Julien, Center for Curatorial Studies, New York 2000

Refer to Victoria Miro Gallery.

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