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John Smith bibliography

Exhibition catalogues:

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'In Person: John Smith', Sixpack Film & Austria Filmmakers Co-Op Programme 1999.
'Minor Adjustments: UK/ Canadian Video Exchange', 2000
'Live in Your Head: Concept and Experiment in Britain 1965-1977', Whitechapel Gallery, London 2000
'John Smith: Compilation 1 & 2', Notes for retrospective screenings, Nova Cinema, Brussels, April/ May 2001 Programme and online at
'Focus on John Smith' in 'Cork International Film Festival Catalogue', Ireland 2001
'John Smith Retrospective'. 48th International Short Film Festival Catalogue, Oberhausen 2002
"John Smith Retrospective" Tampere 33rd International Short Film Festival Catalogue 2003


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Articles on John Smith:

Michael Maziere, 'John Smith's Films: Reading the Visible', Undercut magazine issue 10/11 1983/4.
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Iain Sinclair, 'Unreal Visions', The Guardian (17/5/03)

Texts by John Smith:

'Fortuna' and 'Heckles and Hackles': In 'Brought to Book', Ian Breakwell & Paul Hammond (Eds.) Penguin 1994.
John Smith, 'Real Fiction'. PhD Thesis, University of London 1997


'Trespassing Beyond the Frame: John Smith Talking Film with Cate Elwes' in 'Filmwaves' magazine issue 15 autumn 2001
'Mr Smith' Interview with Brian Frye in 'Film West' magazine issue 46 Winter 2001
'John Smith' Interview with Brian Frye. Millennium Film Journal, issue 39/40, USA 2003

Web Links

'John Smith' Interview with Brian Frye. Millennium Film Journal issue 39/40 (USA 2003)

'On the Street where You Live: The Films of John Smith', Adrian Danks, Senses of Cinema online magazine (Issue 29, 2003)

'Pushed to the Limit - Films and videos by John Smith', Fred Camper, Chicago Reader (7/9/2001)

'Om - From Monk to Skinhead in Three Minutes', Review (in German)of John Smith's films on 3sat Television by Florian Krautkrämer, Cinetramp online magazine, September 2004.

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