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Attitudes 1-8

Katharine Meynell


Attitudes 1-8

Attitudes 1-8 performed by Hayley Newman, in reference to Emma Hamilton's performances, in Naples, at the end of the eighteenth century.

Writing on 16 March 1787 Goethe says of Hamilton ''a few shawls give so much variety to her poses, gestures, expressions etc., that the spectator can hardly believe his eyes. He sees what thousands of artists would have liked to express, realised before him in movements and surprising transformations - standing, kneeling, sitting, reclining, serious, sad playful, ecstatic, contrite, alluring, threatening, anxious, one pose follows another without break. She knows how to arrange the folds of her veil to match each mood, and has a hundred ways of turning it into a headdress.. This much is certain: as a performance it's like nothing you ever saw before in your life...''

Attitudes 1-8 were performed in room 70 (Greek and Roman, where some of William Hamilton's famous collection is housed) at the British Museum to give context to these attitudes.

installation: 8 monitors

Made for the Link Gallery at the Royal College of Art as part of the submission for PhD, also shown at Experiments in Moving Image (also version as Ch11 in Experimental Film and Video, ed. Jackie Hatfield).

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