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Katharine Meynell film/videography

RCA Women's Group1980/3
She Talks To Herself Often1981
Postcard performance with my mother1981Performance
Women Live at the Musicians' Collective1982Performed with HUMP
Momento 1983
The Sisters Story1985
Untitled (Ectopic pregnancy)1985
A Book For A Performance1986Book, performance and installation
Hannah's Song 1987Installation, single screen
Blackstock Estate Tapes 19873 Single screen tapes, 1 installation
Her Gaze1988Installation
Medusa 1988
As She Opened Her Eyes She Looked Over Her Shoulder And Saw Someone Passing The Other Side Of The Doorway With A Strange Smile1990
Ants and Balls1990 Installation
Eat 1992Installation
Vampire S Eat 1992Installation
Poznan Installation Czy pan/pani mowi po angielsku1993Installation
Woman in Landscape; Technology of War1993/1994Installation
Wet and Dry1995Installation
Paperbag Piece1995Performance/ Audio work
The Living Room1995Installation
Fucking Tragic1996
Hang On1996Installation
Water Work for Speckled Eye1997Installation and Performance
Is This A Performance?1997Online work
Light Water Power1997Installation made with Alistair Skinner
Blue Eyes1997/8Video Installation with Alistair Skinner
Story1999Sound work
Attitudes 1-81999Installation
The Island Bell2001Online book, installation, single screen
Hygiene Show2002Installation
Rome Video: Can You Tell Me Where To Get Off?2003
It's Inside2005with Alistair Skinner

Hang On, Kingsgate Gallery, 1996

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