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Poznan Installation Czy pan/pani mowi po angielsku

Katharine Meynell
Video installation

Poznan Installation Czy pan/pani mowi po angielsku

Video, potatoes and drawings in pastels and salt.

Two monitors were enclosed in a small room behind steel grilles. A video, shot in Poznan by the artist with the help of local artists, and used in the work, contained fragments of 'vital information' broken up by interruptions of electronic disturbance (video noise).

'The work I made in Poznan has taken up many threads already begun in other places and turn into different perspective with a different location. These are issues of order and disorder, consumption and communication, gaps, lack of understanding, understanding the gaps as significant. Things which are usually ordinary becoming exceptional physical things, emotional things, things to consume and things which are consuming, at once both abstract and tangible. The walls will be whitewashed out, just as if a child had scribbled, the floor will be swept of the split salt. Working with salt and potatoes had a commonly held, dailt familiarity.

The new video, shot in Poland, with new friends and Polish delicacies, forced gaps of communication in between electronic noise. There's a reluctance to watch the video 'noise' which may equal nothing on television but it was not nothing in my video any more than losing communication is nothing.' - KM

2 monitors and salt drawings

British Council funded for International Artists' Centre, Poznan, Poland

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