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Rome Video: Can You Tell Me Where To Get Off?

Katharine Meynell

Rome Video: Can You Tell Me Where To Get Off?

'Made during an Abbey fellowship at the British School in Rome, where I was mainly drawing. It opens with a shot of a marble inscription, derived from the disclaimer found in a Rossellini film: I fatte e personaggi di questa opera sono immaginari. Pertanto ogni identita con fatti e persone reali, viventi o defunte, e da ritenersi casuale.'
The video is shot in notebook/diary format, views, of the Roman aqueduct where tramps sleep, dusty leftover props in Cinecitta, and the football stadium full of fireworks and singing. It includes an anti-Berlusconi march, various foibles of the residents of BSR and a wider view of Rome that is a city of sound and street musicians.

Facilitated by the BSR/Abbey Council

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