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The Island Bell

Katharine Meynell
15 min Video installation
Online book, installation, single screen

The Island Bell

This is a single-screen video version of a work originally commissioned by Diffusion, as an online publication, for their 'performance notation' series.

Katherine [sic] Meynell's The Island Bell similarly plays with notions of framing, doubling and the notation of narrative. She makes a journey to an island where the bell of the tall red brick tower sounds plangently, but her tape-recording fails - it is on pause or the audio-limiter is on. She waits for the next Sunday when she is told the bell will toll, meanwhile she 'walked the laundry-hanging alleys and trod in the dog excrement'. Fully equipped with DAT recorder, still camera, notebook and pencil she returns to the island at the due time; the bell fails to ring. A colour photograph of the tower, which then becomes a double-page close-up, separates the two journeys; the physical proximity of the tower, its presence, is undermined by its silence, an absence.
Stephen Bury, Art Monthly

2 monitors and 1 projector

The online book is available at
Reading performed by Katharine Meynell and Alistair Skinner; music composed and performed by Harvey Brough; written, shot and edited by Katharine Meynell.
Also originally, a bookwork commissioned by Diffusion as an online publication for their performance notion series.
Free PDF download available at


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