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Malcolm Le Grice film/videography

China Tea1965
Castle 11966
Little Dog for Roger1967
Yes No Maybe Maybenot1967
Blind White Duration1968
Castle Two1968Two Screen
Grass1968Slide projection performance
Wharf1968Slide projection performance
Spot the Microdot1969
Berlin Horse1970One, Two and Four Screen Versions
Lucky Pigs1970Two Screen
Reign of the Vampire1970One and Two Screen Versions
Your Lips 11970
1919 (A Russian Funeral)1971Two or three Screen
Horror Film 11971 Performance with slide projector, two film projectors.
Love Story 11971Film-Shadow Performance
Love Story 21971Two Screen
Your Lips 31971Film-Performance
Blue Field Duration1972Two Screen
Horror Film 21972Film performance with 3D spectacles
Love Story 31972Film performance
Threshold1972One and Four Screen Versions
Whitchurch Down1972One and Three Screen Versions
After Leonardo1973Six Screen and Performance
Don't Say1973Four Screen
Four Wall Duration1973Four Screen film installation
Gross Fog1973Four Screen film installation
Joseph's Coat1973
Matrix1973Six Screen projection performance
Pre-Production1973Film performance
Principles of Cinematography1973
White Field Duration1973Two Screen
Screen Entrance Exit1974Film-Performance
After Lumière - Arroseur Arrosé1974Four Screen
After Manet - Le déjeuner sur l'herbe1975Four Screen
Academic Still Life1976
Time and Motion Study1976
Blackbird Descending - Tense Alignment1977
Emily - Third Party Speculation1979
Finnegans Chin - Temporal Economy1981
Sketches for a Sensual Philosophy1986-9
Trials and Tribulations1990-2004
Chronos Fragmented1995
The Cyclops Cycle1998/2003Three Screen
Unforgettable - that's what you are2002Continuous gallery video and photographic installation
Critical Moments (for Jean Piaget)2004
Digital Aberration2004
Treatise2004Four or Five screen installation
Portraits and Particulars Series2004/08

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