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Aspects of Kirkwall: The look of Place

Margaret Tait
18min Colour 16mm

Aspects of Kirkwall: The look of Place

Subtitled 'a related group of townscapes' this documentary is about Kirkwall, a town in Orkney with a cathedral, a pier and a power station:

'The film, which was finally completed in April 1981, aims physically to describe the town as it eventually became, using material filmed between 1969 and 1976... Spoken comments are few. Sounds of the place accompany the look of it. The whistling of 'The Sounds of Laredo' (or perhaps an older tune on which that is based) echoes through the streets like something much more ancient.' - Margaret Tait

A series of films about the changing townscape of Tait's hometown of Kirkwall (which has a population of about 6,000) 484,000 people watched Some Changes, Number 6 in the series, when it was screened on Channel 4 on March 9, 1987 in a programme of Tait's films called The Eleventh Hour.

Aspects of Kirkwall consists of a related group of films:
Shape of a Town (Aspects of Kirkwall 2), 1977, 10 mins, colour
Occassions (Aspects of Kirkwall 3), 1977, 10 mins, colour
The Ba, Over the Years (Aspects of Kirkwall 4), 1981, 65 mins, colour and b/w
The Look of the Place (Aspects of Kirkwall 1/5), 1968-1981, 18 mins, b/w
Some Changes (Aspects of Kirkwall 6), 1981, 22 mins, colour

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