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Mark Aerial Waller
Generally speaking, Waller's videos are characterised by a nonlinear treatment of loose fictional narratives that involve awkward dialogues, nonsensical scenarios, or traditional storytelling turned into psychological time travelogues.

Time dilations, or slippages, are at the core of storylines whose fourth dimension is transfigured by means of insertions and a variety of experiments that break away from technical formats and cinematic rules. One example is Midwatch (1999-2001) whose plot is set in 1954, and evolves around the night shift of a mutineer and a canteen cook working on an English battleship returning from the first British atomic bomb tests in the Pacific Ocean. Throughout the entire duration of the video, the two protagonists - the Caterer being a 'gater' who has travelled from the glorious era of Admiral Lord Nelson's fleet - quarrel due to their inability to reconcile their own understanding of the notion of conquest. For the cook this is a matter of expansionist geographical imperialism and, for the mutineer, a merely military victory.

But the aspect that makes this video truly outstanding is the fact it was filmed in total darkness with an infrared camera, a level of blindness that affected both the artist and the actors and determined the formal aesthetics and acting style of the video. The artist was led by the actors' voices who, because of the conditions, talked over each other, progressively imploding within an egotistical mental trip.

An elimination of natural time cycles distinguishes Glow Boys (1998-99), the artist's first work, a video about the life of contract workers displacing from one nuclear reactor to another. Mr Fantastic and this 'new breed' of 'creators' who give life to objects from traffic lights to clothes, inhabit places in which day and night are a-temporal, and even death does not seem to disrupt the normal routine of activities. But the work to best reconcile 'chrono argonautism' is certainly Superpower - Dakar Chapter (2004), a sci-fi-horror video which takes place in the modernist cityscape of Senegal's capital city. Played by three famous Senegalese soap opera actors, it describes three stars of the Orion constellation. Anthropomorphised as human beings named after stars of this astronomical belt, they prepare to 'run interference' on an extraterrestrial particle causing temporal disturbances on Earth. The story is based on real astrophysical information arguing that anything we see on Earth has travelled thousand light years across space to reach us, consequently determining that what we see is a window into the past and, therefore, that the three characters have slipped in and out of multiple time streams.

Midwatch (2000)
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