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Mark Aerial Waller
Watching Waller's videos one perceives the influence of the last century's avant-garde art and cinematic experiments, from Surrealist collage to filmmaking making use of deconstructed narrative structure, all examples that have suggested possibilities for symbolism and the visionary.

His videos are vehicles that take elected groups on a journey across different times and spaces, superimposing and juxtaposing incompatible contexts and frequently employing found footage to introduce the stories. This is the case with Midwatch and Superpower which present excerpts from, respectively, Charles Frend's film The Cruel Sea (1953) and Star Hustler, an internet show that provides insight into the constellation of Orion the Hunter and light travel in general.

Reversion of the Beast Folk (2004) well illustrates these procedures, clearly indebted to Surrealist techniques. The story is cyclically sandwiched between a preface and an epilogue that shows the same footage of an amateur video appropriated from an online Lamborghini fan club. Rather than focusing on the racing car speeding up on the motorway, it is the roaring sound of its powerful engine, rumbling like an animal, that stands out. The scene is abruptly interrupted by a quiet natural landscape in which two women clothed in primitive costumes (one of which wearing a fur skin like a shaman) walk from the distance, accompanied by Beethoven's Emperor Concerto (1811). Failing to evolve into proper humans (and embrace modernity), they discover a man in a cave who, hiding behind a mask, escapes elusively. In a confrontation of sexes, the man, whose nature, be it divine or human, is impossible to assess because of the presence of a mask, is dragged out of the cave. During his slaughter with an axe, the older woman angrily concludes: '[…] And the world is evil!', an exclamation that makes us question whether he refused to copulate with the two beastly females. The car sprints away again, this time escorted by Brazilian Umbanda music that, linked to the rituals of the Goddess of sex, may be indicating that the male was tamed.

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