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Mark Aerial Waller
Sight is again one of the motifs of Waller's latest work, The Flipside of Darkness - Part II (2008): 'The sight you praised to see for many years,' Oreste reminds his sister Electra.

Shot in the park and a control room of Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science, this work takes inspiration from the post Trojan war play The Orestia by the ancient Greek tragedian Aeschylus, even though the title is this time a wordplay on Ursula K Le Guin's feminist sci-fiction novel The left hand of darkness (1969).

The account loosely follows the Greek legend, with Orestes returning from exile and, in collaboration with Electra, preparing to avenge their father's murder by killing their mother Clytaemnestra. Here Waller reflects beautifully the emotional conflict among these personalities by creating a sequence in which the anatomy of their faces and opulent architectural interiors are deformed prismatically, as if secret interests are hidden away beyond hundreds of forms, announcing an imminent change of scenario determined by a different order.

This video demonstrates the artist's remarkable ability to mix multiple sources and to visualise the functioning of myth at its deepest psychological level. He continues to question, as he did in Sons of Temperance, how ancient ideas are transported into the present, and how complex notions can endure across centuries and reappear in contemporary culture.

The Flipside of Darkness Aquarelle for poster (2008)
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