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Michael Curran
The dancer goes in and out, yet never quits the ring. He deliberately advances into Evil. He plunges into it headlong and with a sort of hideous courage, in a rhythm which transcends Dance but seems graphic of Disease. And we imagine we see him emerging and vanishing by turn. He goes in and out.'
Antonin Artaud

Here you can see him skipping. He is upside down, because you are looking into another room through a lens set into a wall, the cornea of the camera obscura. Think about the sealing and unsealing of the spy hole in Duchamp's Etant Donnés: closing and opening makes fluid the distinction between inner and outer space. Putting your eye to the lens you can see him skipping naked, to exhaustion. As the rope rhythmically falls, listen to him: 'When you fall like a stone one must not think, if one thinks then one must not fall.'
The incantation generates both hypnosis and gnosis; invokes the desire for transcendence and a pathological urge to fall. Is he Icarus, Sisyphus, Tantalus? Myth is born in ritual acts. Repetition engenders excitation and exhaustion; nauseating iteration, over and over again. You may get a glimpse of Hermann Nitsch, and the work of the Viennese Aktionsgruppe.

View of Skipping performance by Michael Curran
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