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Michael Curran
The address to the screen is direct here. It is like a painting; a flagellation.

Or like the hologram of a man being brutally beaten which is conjured in your living room in Lucas' THX 1138. The repetition is so compulsive that you remember it as a still image, a tableau. If you think about it, this deferral has a masochistic relation to time. See Desire as a tableau - always involving suspension, freezing the moment. Watch Portfolio, little birth, little death of the onanist, to the rhythm of masturbation. The mantra you hear is the catalogue from Derrida's exhibition "Memoirs for the Blind". He comes just as we hear 'the Head of Medusa.. ; red chalk'. We turn to stone. What is the image? Already-no-more. Still here. What comes after the staging of repetition? A beginning again. Dead Wall Reverie presents you with a white screen, another blinding, as a voice divines for you a series of images. If you shut your eyes and press gently you will see phosphene images, radiant snowflakes. The word also generates images by the impression of sound on your eardrum.

Still from Portfolio by Michael Curran, 1994
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