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Michael Curran
'Hush! Caution! Echoland!'

Michael's works exist in different forms, as live performance, as performance to camera; as installation and as screen works. They move from action to fiction, from black box to white cube and back again. In a hall of mirrors each action is multiplied so that production and reception inflect and reflect each other. Together they become the event of narration. Bakhtin describes this event as the chronotope, time-space: the place where the knots of narrative tie and untie. In Closing, close by… the secret green theatre of Antonioni's Blow-Up is inflected by new stories as the artists read alternately from possible scenarios. The pages are illuminated by matches. Each phrase lasts as long as the yellow match light. Occasionally they burn their fingers. The narration is punctuated by darkness. The threads of stories lead you through the labyrinth and into the breathing daylight of Marion Wilson Park. The catalogue of Botticelli's drawings for Dante is on Michael's desk. You are reminded to seek wisdom in the darkness, not just in the light.

Still from Closing/Close By by Michael Curran, 2000. Courtesy Film and Video Umbrella
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