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Michael Curran
'Instructions for the meeting in the forest'.

In the installation, the monitors are on high lighting tripods, like bird-cages. Here he is, running out of the forest towards the camera with a horn taped to his head. He does it again and again, butting the camera like a unicorn. At this point the eye of the camera is going to be obliterated, blind-spotted. He digs into your blind spot. [Later on in Natalya he buries the camera. You can hear it. The eye of the camera is dead, but the ear persists.] In moving through the gallery space, you have a series of encounters, thwarted seductions, collapsed fantasies. On a second monitor is a winged figure confined in an attic. A flapping Eros. On a third, he reads the story of the Chinese boxes to you. It is the incantation of a sorcerer from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. There are a series of elliptical shots of a figure rolling in the darkness, another meowing like a cat. The heavy cabling around the floor cannot help but remind you of Medusa's snakes. Lying on the floor he mutters 'you are the author, you are the author'. He makes you the author, turning your eyes inside on yourself, like the mirrored contact lenses of Giovanni Penone.

Documentation of *Footnote by Michael Curran, 1998
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