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Nina Danino bibliography


  • Nina Danino and Michael Maziere (eds), The Undercut Reader: Critical Writings on Artists' Film and Video, London: Wallflower Press 2002 Buy from
  • Visionary Landscapes - the Films of Nina Danino, London: Black Dog Press 2004 (forthcoming).With essays by Helen de Witt, Louise Gray and Brent Plate. Buy from

Published writing:

  • N.Danino, "The Intense Subject" in Chapter 1, "Revisitations", The Undercut Reader: Critical Writings on Artists' Film and Video,
  • N.Danino and M. Maziere (eds) London: Wallflower Press 2002
  • N.Danino "British Experimental Film and Video" in Aesthetics and Art in the 20th Century, Ipek Tureli (ed.), SANART, Ankara 2002
  • N. Danino "The Object of Attention" in Reading the Glass, Barber, Kivland, Leyser (eds), London : Book Works 1991
  • Undercut Collective Member 1982-1986 Reviews in Nos 2-16: "On Stonebridge Park: a film by Patrick Keiller" "Almost Out by Jayne Parker" Artist's Photopiece, "The Mother's Garden", (republished in The Undercut Reader: Critical Writings on Artists' Film and Video, Wallflower Press 2002) "Crystal Gazing: Interview with Laura Mulvey", with Lucy Moy-Thomas Undercut No6
  • Editor "Cultural Identities", Undercut No17 (1987-1988)
  • Co-Editor Undercut 1988-1990 "East European and Soviet Avant-garde Film and Video", No18 "A Decade of British Experimental Film and Video", No19

Reviews, broadcast interviews, documentaries, auxiliary material from shows:

  • 'Now I am yours' featured in Neil Leach , "Ecstasy". In: C. Jencks (ed.) Ecstatic Architecture, pp 66-77. London, Academy Editions 1999 Buy from
  • Jean Matthee, "On Wounds, Artificial Flowers, Orifices and the Infinite: A Response to the films of Nina Danino". In: The Undercut Reader (2002) (essay first published in Undercut No20 1990)
  • Gill Addison , "Nina Danino at 291 Gallery", review in Filmwaves No16 (2001)
  • La Cinepresa toccante, Dir. Susanna Poole. Documentary and paper featuring 'Now I am Yours'. Presented in the International Conference 'Between Colonialisms: Frontiers of the Body, Frontiers of the Identity ', Orientale University, Naples, May 1998. Published 2002.
  • Al Rees, A History of Experimental Film & Video, London BFI 1999
  • Nina Danino, "Temenos and Other Places" Flashbacks, Filmwaves, No5 (Summer 1998).
  • Gianmarco del Re, "Cinema and the Sublime", Contemporary Visual Arts Issue 19 (August 1998)
  • The Touching Camera (1998) Documentary. Dir. Susanna Poole, featuring 'Now I am Yours' Directory of 100 British Film & Video Artists, The Arts Council of England (1995)
  • Interview with Nina Danino on 'Stabat Mater' in Third Opinion Artsprogramme, BBC Radio 3 (1991)
  • Interview with Nina Danino on 'Stabat Mater' in Focus Review programme, GBC Radio (1991)
  • Temenos Original Soundtrack, LEO RECORDS, 63'20' CD LR303. Film soundtrack featuring internationally acclaimed Tuvan/Russian diva Sainkho Namtchylak, New Yorkexperimental vocalist Shelley Hirsch and English soprano Catherine Bott. Spoken and arranged by Nina Danino. States, Shelly Hirsch, Harvestworks Inc. TE-C003/1997 New York. Selected tracks featuring voice performances of Shelley Hirsch from 'Now I am Yours' (1992) and 'Temenos' (1998). Original music, performed and composed by Shelley Hirsh. Text, concept and arrangement Nina Danino. A DVD of Nina Danino's feature film 'Temenos' will be released by the BFI, 2004
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