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Nina Danino screenings & exhibitions

  • November 2002 Stabat Mater Outdoor film projection 'The Space of the Female Gaze - the artist's film', TART Salon, London
  • November 2001 Temenos and 'Now I am yours' Site specific film projection and acoustics for a large scale converted church space, Main Gallery, 291 Gallery, London
  • 2001 Temenos Regional Cinema Screenings: Brighton Cinematheque; The Barn Cinema, Dartington
  • June 2001 Temenos Cultural Centre, METU, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
  • January 2001 Temenos Lux Cinema, London
  • October 2000 Temenos Featured in 'Sacred Places', A season on film, landscape and the sacred. Curated by Helen de Witt, Lux Cinema, London
  • October 2000 'Highlights from the London Film Festival', Soho House, London
  • October 2000 Scratch Projections, Paris
  • October 1999 STUC Kunstencentrum, Leuven, Belgium
  • 1999 Harwich Film Festival
  • 1999 Melbourne Cinemateque, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1998 London Film Festival, Lux Cinema March
  • 1998 'Now I am yours' in 'Bad Religion', Lux Cinema
  • 1998 Film Premiere of Temenos, Edinburgh Film Festival
  • 1997 Stabat Mater 'All that is Solid Melts into Air: The British Avant-Garde', Pandaemonium, ICA
  • 1997 'Now I am yours' Rotterdam Film Festival, The Netherlands
  • 1995 'Now I am Yours' Television Broadcast, Kunst Kanaal TV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1995 'Now I am Yours' Television Broadcast, SBS-TV, Australia June
  • 1995 'Now I am Yours' Retina, IV International Film & Video Festival, Hungary
  • 1995 Stabat Mater November
  • 1994 'Now I am Yours' 'Scratch', L'Entrepot Cinema, Paris November
  • 1994 'Quelles Hysteries', Group Show Galerie du Cloitre, Ecole Regionale des Beaux Arts, Rennes, France. With Anne et Bernard Blume, Regine Cirotteau, Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger, Joan Soulimant.
  • September 1994 'Now I am Yours' Feminale, Frauen Film Festival, Köln, Germany
  • October 1994 In-Person Screening : 'Avant-garde aus London - Films of Nina Danino' Freunde der Deutsche Kinematek, Arsenal Cinema, Berlin. Sponsored by The British Council
  • June 1994 'Now I am Yours' 'Psychoanalysis and the Image', Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • May 1994 'Now I am Yours' IMPAKT Film Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • March 1994 'Now I am Yours' Women in the Director's Chair, International Film Festival, Chicago, USA
  • February 1994 '(S/T)extuality : Poetic Licence' University Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive, University of California at Berkeley, USA
  • 1993 Film Premiere of 'Now I am Yours' London Film Festival, 'Dreams, Visions and Rapture', Art and Experiment, National Film Theatre, London
  • 1993 'Now I am Yours' Television Broadcast, Late Night Experiment, C4 Autumn
  • 1993 Stabat Mater 'Imaging the Female', Experimental Women, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • 1992 'Driving the Loop?', New British Film-makers, Tate Britain, London
  • 1991 International Avant-Garde, National Film Theatre, London
  • 1991 New British Work, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada
  • 1990 Film Premiere of Stabat Mater London Film Festival, 'Personalities, Sexualities, Identities', London Film-makers' Co-op
  • 1989 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London Large-scale works on paper.
  • 1988 Close to Home 'Silence in View', LFMC
  • 1987 First Memory Narrative Fragments, London Film-makers' Co-op Cinema, LFMC
  • 1985 Film Premiere of Close to Home Edinburgh Film Festival
  • 1985 Close to Home Cambridge Dark Room, Cambridge
  • 1985 'Labyrinths', LFMC
  • 1983 'Word and Image', LFMC 1982 First Memory 'New British Avant-Garde Film', Arsenal Cinema, Berlin. Curated and presented by Nina Danino. Sponsored by the British Council
  • 1981 Premiere of First Memory 16mm film, 'New Contemporaries', ICA, London
  • 1981 'About the Pictures in this Room', Group Show Five RCA Environmental Media Artists, Seven Dials Gallery, London. Installation, film, photography, scultpture. Particial Cox, Walter Daniels, Nina Danino, Patrick Keiller, Dawn Partout.
  • 1980 Special Premiere of First Memory Presented as a two screen slide tape and film projection with sound in the seminal show 'Women's Images of Men', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
  • 1976 Stowell's Trophy Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, (Painting)
  • 1976 International Arts Centre, New Contemporaries, London (2 Paintings)

Conference Presentations:

  • June 2001 'British Experimental Film and Video' Illustrated paper presented at the 5th International Symposium: 'Retrospective: Aesthetics and Art in the 20th Century' SANAART Association for Aesthetics and Visual Culture, in association with the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Ankara, Turkey
  • June 1994 'Now I am yours' Artist's talk and screening at the International Conference, 'Psychoanalysis and The Image', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London organised by Parveen Adams. Speakers included: Kaya Silerman, Jean Matthee, Leo Bersani, Nina Danino, Andrea Fisher, Mark Cousins, Olivier Richon, Joan Copjec, Darian Leader, Slavoj Zizek. June
  • 1994 Stabat Mater Artist's presentation to the James Joyce International Symposium, University of Sevilla - Venue, John Mackintosh Lecture Theatre, Gibraltar
  • 1994 Invited speaker and film screening to postgraduate seminar/lecture series. University of Cambridge, Hispanic Studies, Department of Spanish & Portuguese and Nottingham University, MA Architecture & Critical Theory
  • 1993 'Speaking in the Dark: Film, The Voice and Teresa of Jesus' Speaking Texts, paper presented at the National Conference 'Woman/Image/Text', Sheffield Hallam University Regular invited Speaker and film screening to the Seminar Series: 'Space, Time and the Image' Co-ordinator Carolyn Gill, Birkbeck College, Faculty of Continuing Education, University of London. Stabat Mater (1994), The Silence (1997), 'Time and Black Spacing' (1997), 'Temenos: Film, Time, the Visionary and the Representation of Absence' (1998), Now I am yours and the image in the visionary experience of Teresa of Jesus' (April 2000)


  • Research Award Goldsmiths' College 2002
  • Arts Council of England Publishing Award 2002
  • Research Award Goldsmiths' College 2001
  • National Lottery Cinema Films 1997
  • British Film Institute, Production Projects 1996
  • Rainbow Stories film commission, Studio Een Amsterdam, 1997
  • Artist's Residency - Centre International de Creation Video - Centre Pierre Schaeffer, Montbeliard, France 1996
  • British Council Travel Award 1994
  • Film Production Award, London Production Fund 1993
  • Experimenta Award, Channel 4 Television and The Arts Council of Great Britain 1991
  • Artist's Film and Video Award, The Arts Council of Great Britain: 1988
  • Artist's Film and Video Award, The Arts Council of Great Britain: 1984/85
  • Artist's Film and Video Award, The Arts Council of Great Britain: 1981
  • British Council Travel Award 1982
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